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Software Engineering - Career Opportunities
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Software engineers are among the highest-paid professionals in most countries of the world. Countries like Japan and the United States are also seeking to hire more software engineers from overseas in order to address their critical shortages in this area. Software engineers are in demand not only at software development companies, but also in all other organisations that are involved in the development of significant information systems, including governments, telecommunications companies, the chemical industry, the bio-medical industry, financial institutions, agribusinesses, pharmaceuticals, healthcare sector corporations, engineering and manufacturing firms, etc. With the growing use of e-commerce, particularly business-tobusiness e-commerce, the need for skilled software engineers is increasing at a rate that far outstrips the supply. In fact in the words of noted software engineer, David Parnas, "career opportunities for software engineers are essentially unlimited.

Demand for ICT Professionals To “Increase Exponentially” -- NZ Minister for Communication and Information Technology. See the report from the NZ Department of Labour.
"The big difference between today and the heyday period of the late 1990s is the type of student that businesses need. . . . Technical skills are still important, but businesses also want to hire students with management and industry training, strong communications abilities, marketing and negotiation skills." -- ComputerWorld
". . . effective communication through Information Communication Technologies (ICT) will be essential for all our young people now and in the future" (Minister of Education Chris Carter, Scoop, 9 January 2008).

IT jobs going unfilled because of skills shortage: "There is an average of 4000 new Information Technology (IT) positions created every year in New Zealand. But with only 1300 degree or postgraduate diploma graduates entering the field each year, New Zealand is facing a serious skills shortage. According to the latest Survey of Employers who have Recently Advertised (SERA) statistics, only 64% of advertised IT positions are filled, with an average of 1.9 suitable applicants per position. This disparity between graduates and available roles has been identified as a major barrier to growth in the IT industry, which is forecast to be worth over $5billion. In 2006, 51% of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) employers identified that the biggest barrier to growth was the ability to attract and/or retain qualified and/or experienced staff. According to the Labour Cost Index (LCI), in 2005 IT professionals earned an average hourly rate of $37.62, approximately $4.00 more an hour than all other professionals." -- 22 February 2008, Scoop
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Software developers expected to see highest salary gains of any job classification in 2007 -- full details in the Robert Half Technology 2007 Salary Guide
Software engineers have the best jobs in America -- published in Money Magazine, April 26, 2006. See also the article at
News item: "IT graduate supply 'worst for 15 years'" reports Computerworld NZ
An article in Computerworld reported that the IT job market in New Zealand had impressive growth in 2004, with the IT Vacancy Index growing by 70% in the first half of the year. At the same time, the number of students beginning IT degrees is at a 15 year low. This will lead to "a major gap between supply and demand for ICT graduates stretching out for at least another five years", according to one prediction.

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IEEE Careers site -- Registration is FREE, and it offers opportunities for those seeking a new computer science job or trying to find the right rofessional to join your team

Women in Software Engineering and Applied Science
A web page devoted to information concerning career opportunities for women.

ACM CareerNews provides summaries of articles on career-related topics of interest to students and professionals.

Online Job Information
Here are some online job search websites, which might give you an idea of employment opportunities market graduates in the field of Software Engineering:

ZDNet Job Search
The job section on the Hewlett Packard website