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Admission to Graduate Programme
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International fees lowered!
University fees for international PhD students have been lowered to domestic fee levels: New international PhD student are now accorded domestic status for purposes of tuition fees. The new fee policy also allows the children of all international PhD students to attend school without paying international student fees.

Background Required for entry to the MAppSc programme in Software & Knowledge Engineering:
Every student must have completed either (a) a BAppSc in software engineering or (b) a bachelors degree in computer science or information science and have completed additional postgraduate components in software engineering as may be determined by the Course Director.

The programme has two pathways leading to the MAppSc degree:
(1) a thesis-only option that focuses on leading-edge research in an important area of software engineering, and
(2) a taught-papers-plus-research-project option that enables both recent college graduates and experienced professionals to gain experience with the full range of advanced software engineering technology.

For general information concerning option (1), consult the U. of Otago web page on Masters' degrees. In particular, you should examine the Handbook for Research Masters' Degrees. Here is a copy of the Application Form for Admission to the Masters Degree Course.

For option (2) a student completes a research report (SENG 580) and additional papers worth at least 30 points. The additional papers are drawn from INFO 401, 405, 411, COSC 454, SENG 301, 404, 405, 406, 407, 408, or a paper specially approved by the Course Director.

Note that to be admitted to a Masters' degree a student must normally have attained an average grade of B or better for all papers in the final year of study for the qualifying degree or its equivalent.

PhD study in software agent research

PhD study at the University of Otago

General Information about studying at the University of Otago

Financial assistance available for students

Information for International Students (in particular, see the prospectus and guidance for the application process).

If you have either New Zealand or Australian Residency or Citizenship, you are therefore a domestic student and should contact 'Student Administration'.

International Admission -- Postgraduate applications:

Overview of admission to PhD study for international students

Application procedures
Entrance requirements
English requirement
Course prescriptions & fees

Requirements for International Applicants for Postgraduate Study:
Academic qualifications will be considered in two separate categories:

CATEGORY 1: Qualifications from countries listed below (as reviewed by International Admissions and Internationalisation Committee):

Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Or from Institutions with which the University of Otago has a Student Exchange Agreement.

Requirement: Provide an original or certified copy of transcript from your university or institution.

CATEGORY 2: Qualifications from all other countries.

Requirement: Your qualifications must be referred to:

Education Credential Evaluators, Inc.
PO Box 514070
Wisconsin 53203-3470
United States of America

The applicant is required to pay for the course-by-course evaluation, with the applicant and the University each receiving a copy of the resulting evaluation report. This evaluation is an important part of the University's admission process, and helps to ensure that the University is admitting suitably qualified candidates. The application form can be downloaded from the ECE.

Study Abroad -- Study Abroad provides the opportunity for study on a semester or yearly basis with potential to transfer credit to your home institution.

Student Exchange Programme -- Exchange Programmes provide for the exchange of Otago and overseas students on reciprocal basis. This section includes information on current exchange partners.

Scholarships: Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students

Other information:

The University of Otago Language Centre -- primarily caters for students needing to improve English proficiency levels prior to beginning studies in Dunedin and for those wanting the experience of living and learning in an English speaking country.

Immigration requirements
List of International Centre representatives
Tourism New Zealand
Dunedin City Council

No Internet access?
Please provide the following details and we will post you the relevant information.

Full name
Postal address
Undergraduate or postgraduate study?
Subject major

Once we have received your completed application which will include certified copies of your academic records (and if applicable your ECE evaluation as mentioned above) we will make an assessment of your admission eligibility.

For further queries, you may send email to:

International Student Enquiries
Student International Centre
Research & International Office

University of Otago
PO Box 56
Dunedin 9001
New Zealand